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Chinese Breakfast

I really loved breakfast when we were China. The thing about Chinese breakfast foods is that, well, they really don’t exist. The Chinese eat roughly the same types of things for breakfast that they would at any other time of day.

I think this breakfast was the 2nd day of our tour, in Beijing, and I remember sitting down to eat and just being so pleased with the world in general, it was really quite good. There’s nothing like mixing bacon with spring rolls, grilled tomatoes, fried rice, and dumplings.

Our breakfasts were always buffet style, and they were always a mix of Western, Chinese, and Japanese foods (I suppose because of the large number of Japanese tourists in the hotels). I could never quite figure out what that pastry was, but it was delicious. But my favorite, by far, was dumplings. I could (and probably did) eat dumplings at every meal. I mean, you can put anything inside them, so it’s really an all-purpose food.


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So, I went to China recently, and I ate a lot of seriously awesome food. It led to me making a decision to expand the food blog beyond food I cook and into food that I eat. This is the first lunch we had upon joining our tour group in China:

I was so excited.

Basically, most of our meals involved sitting at a round table for 8 with a giant lazy susan in the middle. Waitresses would constantly bring out more dishes with enough for everyone to grab some food. This particular lunch had 15 dishes, and I would say that was pretty standard while we were there. It was a really good vacation for food. I really love the cabbage (under the chopsticks) and also the fried corn in the center. The pork on the right side was braised and served in a large pot. I don’t remember what was in the empty space, but obviously it was delicious, since I finished it prior to remembering to take a photo. 🙂

This is a picture of a dinner where you can see the lazy susan in use:

I’m awfully tired this evening, I really just wanted to throw my upcoming blog changes out there. I have more China food to discuss as well as some things I actually cooked! So long for now.