Iron Chef Blogger Challenge

So, my friend Sarah had this awesome idea for an Iron Chef Blogger Challenge. Essentially, she and some her friends will be choosing a secret ingredient every week, cooking a recipe with it, and blogging about it. There are rules and time frames and everything. And I get to participate!

This will be happening over at Two Friends Cook, a blog that Sarah and her friend Carrie started to stay in touch via food, since they live in different states. They have graciously invited me to post over there with my results each week.

If anyone else wants to participate, let me know – even if you don’t think you can do it every week or post the blogs yourself. We can work it out!

We’ll be taking turns picking secret ingredients, and I’d love some suggestions, either in the comments or on Facebook. For a sneak peek, this week’s secret ingredient is rhubarb, but we aren’t allowed to make pie. I hope you’ll check out the results when it’s done.


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