Blogger Challenge: Chipotle

I’m just going to tell you up front. I cheated on this blogger challenge. I learned about cheating from Sarah and her “Bok Choy” Stir Fry.

This recipe, in spite of having chipotle in the title, has only a tiny amount. The recipe website claims “The secret is the mixture of the chipotle chile peppers and paprika which gives a flavorful kick to the chicken.”

However – it’s only a quarter of a teaspoon of ground chipotle. (Not even whole chiles!) And, as if all of that weren’t bad enough, I didn’t even use ground chipotle. I used Mexican Chile Powder. (The only ground chipotle at Ralph’s was $10 a bottle! That’s ridiculous!)

I will pause for a moment while you judge me.

Are you done?


Even though it didn’t technically include the secret ingredient, this chicken was delicious! It’s very lemony with just enough spice. Also, you get to pound the chicken breast with a meat mallet, which is always an activity that I enjoy.

I’m just going to link to the recipe, because I got it off of, and I’m feeling a little lazy to type today.

Before I head off for the night to watch Christmas specials and the Closer, here are some other links.

This is another mushroom recipe from last week’s mushroom challenge. It is not only for a delicious sounding mushroom ravioli, but the blog is hilarious.

And this is some chipotle chili. Yum! (It has actual chiles in it, in case you felt cheated by this chicken).


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