India Jones Chow Truck

On Sunday, I pretty much stayed at home cleaning all day instead of going out to find wildflowers, which made me sad. But, I did step out at lunch because the India Jones Chow Truck was in Santa Monica, which made me very happy indeed.

It was definitely worth the trip out. Above, you can see a picture of my Frankie, which is the specialty of this particular truck. It’s a rolled up roti (Indian flatbread), with your choice of meat (lamb, beef, chicken, shrimp, or a paneer/mushroom vegetarian variety) and onion, egg, and tamarind chutney. I asked the guy at the window which was the best. He said lamb, which was totally the answer I was hoping for. And it was SO GOOD. It was really crispy on the outside, and the lamb sort melts in your mouth. Amazing street food – easy to hold, not very messy, and utterly delicious.

I can’t quite rave as highly about the other item I tried, which was a samosa spring roll. It sounds so promising – I love both samosas and spring rolls, so I really didn’t know how this could go wrong. It was just a bit too dense, the first bite felt like it was just sitting, whole, in my stomach. It was also a little spicier than I like as well. And, it was more difficult to eat, the sauce in the wee little cup spilled everywhere on my way home.

But, I will definitely track down the India Jones Chow Truck again. They also serve curries, which I’d like to try, and mango baby back ribs, which sounds pretty fantastic.


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