Bay Cities Italian Deli – The Godmother

Bay Cities Italian Deli is a deli/grocery in Santa Monica. They have a lot of specialty foods, hot foods, meat and cheese, etc. They also make sandwiches. I’m sure they make many kinds of delicious sandwiches, but the one that I love the most is the Godmother.

The Godmother contains: Genoa salami, mortadella, coppacola, ham, prosciutto, and provolone cheese. You cannot make any substitutions. If you get it with The Works, this adds mayo, mustard, onions, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, Italian dressing, and mild or hot pepper salad. (I hold the onions, peppers, and mayo.)

It is amazing, and so much more than I can/should eat in one sitting. I say should, because I came pretty close on Friday night, while Travis was at the press screening for Clash of the Titans. (The portion of the sandwich shown above is slightly less than half of the “small” sub. It comes in other sizes as well, which frightens me a bit.) Did I feel well afterwards? No. Was I completely and utterly satisfied with the deliciousness of what I had just consumed? Yes.

Bay Cities can get a bit crowded, but parking is usually pretty easy to find, and you can call your order in ahead of time and pick it up too, or so I hear.


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