Smores in the Oven

This isn’t really a recipe, because you know how to make smores. It’s more of a process question, because something interesting happened to the smores you see above.

Michele Fitzgerald and I decided to make oven smores on Memorial Day. We preheated the oven to 350, laid down graham crackers (one with chocolate, one with the marshmallow, as shown above), and left them in the oven a while.

The marshmallows browned as expected, but the chocolate didn’t melt. The inside was so hot it felt like a little fire in your mouth, but the chocolate stubbornly refused to lose it’s shape. It actually sort of dehydrated, which is not the reaction one would expect at all.

Michele F. had done this before and says the chocolate would barely stay on the cracker. So, I’ve been pondering this and come up with a couple of possibilities for what went awry.

1. There is some physical difference between large and snack size Hershey bars (I used snack size.)

2. The oven temperature should have been higher.


3. The chocolate should have been left in longer and the marshmallow added later in the cooking time.

There could also be any combination of these three possibilities. Thoughts?


One thought on “Smores in the Oven

  1. Sarah Michelle Griisser

    Did you try pushing on the chocolate? I think that without an outside force the chocolate may not have had any reason to lose it's shape.Def didn't need to be left in longer tho, as the extended heat is probably what made the water in the chocolate evaporate.


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