TBR Challenge: Recommended Read


For this month’s entry into the TBR Challenge, I ran into a slight problem. I had planned to read a different book but did not have time to start and finish a new anything. However, I had gotten Cinder as a Christmas gift, started it back in December, and then set it aside. It also was recommended to me last fall by Jackie. Frankly, I was sold at “Cyborg Cinderella in New Beijing”. So, it seemed like a reasonable plan just to finish this instead of starting in on something new, even though it has not lived as long in my to-be-read pile as many others.

Cinder, our spunky protagonist, is a mechanic in New Beijing. She has the requisite wicked stepmother, plus two step sisters (one of the wicked variety and one not). Cinder is also a cyborg, much to her chagrin. Along the way, she becomes entangled with the handsome Prince Kai, a mysterious doctor, plague research, and an evil Queen from the Moon with mind control powers. Sounds great, right?

I definitely enjoyed this book. The characters are interesting, and the world is fairly complex. My only complaint is that I was left feeling like the book is mostly exposition for the rest of Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles series. Cinder is such a fun character that I want to spend more time with her, so I’m nervous but intrigued about the fact that the next book in the series (Scarlet) will feature a new protagonist. However, I’m certainly willing to stick with this series to find out what happens.


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