Day in the Life… – Monday (part 2)

The day in the life of a library school student continues! After dinner, I got distracted and got very little school-related work done. I did investigate the mysterious circumstances around the gas bill being twice as high as usual (forgot to pay it last month – first time that’s ever happened), and I cleaned off the table that I usually work at (things were getting pretty out of control).

I started reading an article about open access publishing, which is always an interesting topic, for my Collection Development class while I was eating dinner. For the rest of the night, I will probably finish that and read some of Words at Work and Play by Shirley Brice Heath for my Literacy, Readers, and Reading class. Both of my classes are on Wednesday, which is nice but also means that everything has to be done at the same time.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back at work in the morning, then at my internship in the afternoon. I will also absolutely have to finish my presentation. I have all of the notes, it’s just a matter of working out the timing and practicing saying it out loud. For my final project, I’ve been doing a collection analysis of the local history collection at the Santa Monica Public Library, and it’s been really fun! Every time I go there to work on it, I come home with at least one more book.


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