HLSDITL – Tuesday!

So here it is, day 2 of Hack Library School’s Student Day in the Life project. I’m really loving seeing everyone’s posts and hearing the stories. I’m also realizing that my days are really crammed and noticing that I a lot of time with email and Twitter!

Today I had two main tasks: work and my internship. On Tuesdays I work until 1:00, eat lunch, then head up to the second floor of the same building for my internship.

At work today, I talked to my supervisor about a presentation I’ll be giving at the end of the quarter about collections that I’ve been processing. We worked out a strategy for that, then I finally finished entering the contents of 18 boxes into a database and making sure everything is in folders. It was a pretty successful half day there, I think!

Then, I headed up to my internship. I’m currently a social media intern for the UCLA Undergraduate Library (called either College or Powell, depending on who you ask). We’re gearing up for some big events that require a lot of promotion that are happening during 10th week and finals week, called Stress-Busters. Just in our library, there are therapy dogs, origami, meditation sessions, and gaming! So, I strategized with my supervisor about promoting the events on social media and then started scheduling out posts and creating other content. We currently use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. It’s really exciting. I’m quite fond of the content curation/management, but my favorite part is interacting with students and other users on social media, which is happening more and more as we get closer to finals. My site supervisor (who is also a UCLA MLIS alum) and I also posted our first promoted post on Facebook, so that was a fun experiment! My main project for this quarter there has been to evaluate different analytics tools, so we talked about my work on that as well. On Friday, I’ll be giving an informal presentation to a library social media group about what I’ve been doing this quarter. It was a great day, and I was so involved with creating and scheduling out posts that I forgot to leave at 5:30. I left a little bit late, which actually happens to me a lot there.

I got home, fixed some dinner, checked my email and responded to a few different things that were happening with SLA events and other issues. I scheduled an interview next week for a public library internship for next quarter. I’m definitely torn, because I would love to stay on at my current site another quarter, but we’ll see what happens! I meant to get started with some school work pretty immediately, but I ended up taking a short TV-watching break with the boyfriend instead.

Then, I practiced my Collection Development presentation for tomorrow a couple of times (it should be under 7 minutes, no problem!), got my stuff together, and here we are. I’m exhausted just thinking about my day again! I still need to finish reading Words at Work and Play, and then I can head to bed. Tomorrow is my one class day of the week; I will be in classes pretty much from 9-5. In the morning is Literacy, Readers, and Reading, and in the afternoon is Collection Development. Usually on Wednesday evenings, I reward myself with pleasure reading and watching TV shows that I’ve recorded, but we’ll see how it goes.


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