HLS Day in the Life – Friday!

I am always so, so exhausted by Fridays. They are probably my lightest day of the week though. I went to my internship in the morning. It also rained today, which was nice. (Rain in Los Angeles is really rare, so I always cherish when it happens.)


Today, I gave an informal presentation to the UCLA Library Social Media Learning Group on the work I’ve been doing this quarter. I talked mostly about my desire to highlight the library’s “pleasure reading” collections like graphic novels and recent fiction. Then, I talked about my analytics evaluation and showed some screenshots from Twitonomy, which I think is a pretty cool free Twitter analytics tool.

After my presentation, the Writing Librarian at Powell (who is also a UCLA MLIS alum!) told me that after I posted a picture of the recent fiction new arrivals display on Instagram, 3 of the books from the display were removed (and presumably checked out)! I have decided to assume that this is due to my outreach efforts, in spite of having only circumstantial evidence to that effect.

After I left work, I headed up to the Information Studies building to finish hanging up flyers for Dodgers Night (which, if you are from UCLA and reading this, you should absolutely attend!). While I was there, I managed to reserve an even better room than the room I had before for the SLA Spring Career Panel, and I ran into my awesome friend Vanessa!

Usually when I get home on Fridays, I intend to do a lot, but I actually do absolutely nothing. Today, I got home around 3:00 and got through quite a few emails! Then I did a lot of nothing and fixed a frozen pizza for dinner. Tonight, I’ll probably watch TV and do some reading for classes, as per usual.

It’ll be a busy few months from now through the spring – both of my final projects are due the week of March 18th. We have the last week of March off, and then Spring quarter (my last one…) starts the 1st of April. Our portfolios for the UCLA MLIS program are due on April 12th, so that is certainly what I’ll be spending almost all of spare time on between now and then. After portfolios are turned in, we have to present them in May. Then in June, I’m headed to the SLA annual conference, and I’ll be graduating! It seems like so little when I just type it all out like it’s no big deal…

Anyway, this whole HLSDITL thing has really been fantastic! I’m excited to have new blogs and twitter accounts to follow and to have started to get to know so many awesome people. Hopefully, I’ll keep blogging more than my normal once a month (although it absolutely will NOT be daily – this is hard!)


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