Monthly Archives: August 2013

TBR Challenge: More Than One


So, it is now August, and I can’t help but noticed that I have not blogged the TBR Challenge in quite some time. I read a book for May but never blogged about it. Still, it seemed a shame just to skip three months! So, in May the criteria was something for which you had multiple books by the same author in your TBR pile. I couldn’t really find anything except Cassandra Clare, which only sort of counts because the additional books are all part of the same series. Still, I’ve been meaning to start the Mortal Instruments series for some time now, so this seemed like as a good a selection as any.

I have to say that I really enjoyed this, certainly enough to want to keep reading. It has some similarities to other YA series, but I am very interested in what happens to the characters. Also, while the ending leaves enough open to want to keep reading, it also answers enough questions that as a reader, I didn’t feel cheated or like I was just being teased into reading a series. I just picked up the audio version of the second book from the library, and I’m looking forward to getting started on it soon.