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HLS Day in the Life – Thursday evening

So, it’s Hack Library School’s Student Day in the Life project: Day 4.

Thursday is usually not a day that I do much for class, since both of my classes were the day before and I have another week before they happen again. I am at my job in Library Special Collections from 9-1 and my Social Media Internship from 1:30-5:30.

Both my job and my internship are in this building, the Powell Library Building, which houses the UCLA Undergraduate Library. It also houses a small special collections processing facility on the ground level, which is where I work part-time. It’s quite nice to have my internship at the Undergraduate Library and my job just two floors down, especially because it was supposed to rain today.


It’s a gorgeous building, and I can tell you that it is incredibly popular to post photos of the building (both interior and exterior) on social media.

Work was good this morning. I’m nearly finished with a collection, so there was a lot of going through the tricky parts with my supervisor. We had some really good conversations about arrangement and things like that. I find the work really interesting, even though my general career focus has shifted towards librarianship. I had intended to work on the front matter for another collection today, but then I got caught up putting folders in alphabetical order and transferring them to manuscript boxes. It was maybe not as intellectually stimulating, but I found it very satisfying.

Then, I went to my internship. There was a lot to do today, because as I mentioned on Tuesday, we have a lot of Stressbusters events to promote for tenth week (next week) and finals. The events include meditation workshops, therapy dogs, gaming, and origami. Wait a minute, did I just throw therapy dogs in the middle there? Yes, I did. This photo was taken by the library last year when the dogs were there. Isn’t she adorable??


Anyway, it’s a lot of fun to promote. I’ve been using Hootsuite to schedule out posts for the next two weeks. I don’t always think of myself as an especially creative person, in spite of the fact that my mother always insists that I am (hi, Mom!), so I’ve been pleased with my ability to come up with content ideas for all of our social media channels. I love using social media as a form of outreach, especially when we get people interacting with and talking about the library and the content we post. And honestly, it’s also really, really fun. Tomorrow I’m giving a presentation to the UCLA Library Social Media Learning Group about what I’ve been doing this quarter, so I spent a little bit of time today thinking about that and putting a few images together.

Tonight, I hope to send some emails about SLA events. It’s not that it takes a huge amount of time to plan events, it’s just that I don’t always get to it as frequently as I should. I also plan to read a bit more of Reading Lolita in Tehran. I’m actually re-reading it, because I read it sometime around 2008, and I really remember very little about it. Then, I need to read the last chapter of Collection Management Basics. I’d love to say that I’ll get more than that done tonight, but it’s highly unlikely. I’ll probably watch a small amount of TV with the boyfriend, then try to get some sleep.


HLS Day in the Life – Thursday morning!

Today is another long day, in which I’ll be at work for four hours and at my internship for four hours. I’m currently coffee-ing up (with my Wicked mug, which means I’ll be humming Defying Gravity for a while today).


I’ll need to get ready for an informal presentation that I’ll be giving at my tomorrow about the work I’ve done at my internship site this quarter. It should be a lot of fun, and I’m hoping to meet new people from the UCLA library.

It’s probably also time for me to check on the survey results from our UCLA SLA chapter about the career panel that I’m organizing for next quarter. I sent out a survey over the weekend to get an idea of the types of special libraries that our members are most interested in. Then, i can start inviting professionals to see who is willing to come talk to us next month! I’m hoping we’ll get a good turnout and that it will be really helpful to other students in the Information Studies program.