Monthly Archives: June 2009

Veal and Creamed Spinach

This one is actually from last weekend, but it was pretty yummy. Recipe can be found here. It was really quite good. Not sure how Travis felt about the veal, but I thought it was pretty tasty. Plus, I love creamed spinach, and this was the first time I had ever attempted it.

However, there seems to be some sort of regional difference between “bunches” of greens. This recipe calls for one bunch of spinach, and the collard green recipe that I love calls for one bunch of greens as well. But, that is never enough. You can sort of tell from the photo that there is too much cream and there are way too many onions. Next time I will just have to remember to buy extra spinach!

There probably won’t be much cooking going on this weekend. Yesterday Travis and I went on a 6-mile hike at Malibu Creek State Park (fun but totally exhausting), then to see The Hangover (so so funny). There was some good food to be had though. Had my first falafel at the Malibu Country Mart, which was delicious, and rotisserie chicken with roasted potatoes at this place by the movie theater, which was not so delicious.

Today I’m just marinating some flank steak for dinner to have with baked potatoes, and I’m about to go cut up some strawberries to make strawberry shortcake for dessert. Sort of cheating though, instead of making my own shortcake, I got those little cups from the bakery. Oh well, there’s other stuff to do! And with that, I’m off.